Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems (PCMP) is the first international modern power system protection and control journal originated in China. It is dedicated to present top-level academic achievements in this field and is endeavoured to supply a platform for international researchers and engineers, especially for the authors from China, to maximize the papers’ influence in the world wide and thus contribute to the development of power industry. PCMP is sponsored by Xuchang Ketop Electrical Research Institute and edited and published by Power System Protection and Control Press. It is expected to start publication in 2016. PCMP focuses on advanced views, techniques, and methodologies and experience in the filed of protection and control of modern power systems, for the sake of showing the latest technological achievements. The papers includes three categories, i.e. original research, review articles (mainly summarizing the newest research achievements in a specific field and pointing out the future development trend), and news flash (mainly reporting the latest and important discovery and progress).


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  • Tel: 86-374-3212254
  • Fax: 86-374-3212234
  • Optimal Nonlinear Robust Sliding Mode Control of an Excitation System Based on Mixed H2/H∞ Linear Matrix Inequalities
    Yidong Zou, Yunhe Wang, Jinbao Chen, Wenqing Hu, Yang Zheng, Wenhao Sun, Zhihuai Xiao
    2024.9(4): 1-22 [Abstract](416)[PDF](114)
  • A Novel Multi-Objective Protection Coordination Scheme for a Microgrid with Optimal Deployment of Dual-Setting ROCOV Based Relays
    Praveen Kumar Gupta, Priyanshul Niranjan, Niraj Kumar Choudharyh, Nitin Singh, Ravindra Kumar Singh
    2024.9(4): 23-38 [Abstract](146)[PDF](172)
  • Automatic Generation Control in a Distributed Power Grid Based on Multi-Step Reinforcement Learning
    Wenmeng Zhao, Tuo Zeng, Zhihong Liu, Lihui Xie, Lei Xi, Member, IEEE, and Hui Ma, Member, IEEE, Hui Ma, Member, IEEE
    2024.9(4): 39-50 [Abstract](319)[PDF](91)
  • A Novel Supercapacitor Degradation Prediction Using a 1D Convolutional Neural Network and Improved Informer Model
    Hao Zhang, Zhenxiao Yi, Le Kang, Yi Zhang, Kai Wang
    2024.9(4): 51-68 [Abstract](143)[PDF](89)
  • Consumer-Branch Connectivity Identification of Low Voltage Distribution Networks Based on Data-Driven Approach
    Yongjun Zhang, Yingqi Yi, Wenyang Deng, Siliang Liu, Lai Zhou, Kaidong Lin, Yongzhi Cai
    2024.9(4): 60-82 [Abstract](534)[PDF](89)
  • A Two-Layer Framework for Mitigating the Congestion of Urban Power Grids Based on Flexible Topology with Dynamic Thermal Rating
    Yi Su, Member, IEEE, Jiashen Teh, Senior Member, IEEE, Qian Luo, Kangmiao Tan, Jiaying Yong
    2024.9(4): 83-95 [Abstract](129)[PDF](91)
  • Wind Turbine Gearbox Fault Diagnosis Based on Multi-Sensor Signals Fusion
    Yao Zhao, Member, IEEE, Ziyu Song, Dongdong Li, Member, IEEE, Rongrong Qian, Shunfu Lin, Member, IEEE
    2024.9(4): 96-109 [Abstract](131)[PDF](85)
  • Finite Element Simulation and Experimental Study on Vibration Characteristics of Converter Transformer Under DC Bias
    Hao Wang, Li Zhang, Youliang Sun, Liang Zou
    2024.9(4): 110-125 [Abstract](109)[PDF](179)
  • Adaptive PID Control for Hydraulic Turbine Regulation Systems Based on INGWO and BPNN
    Jinbao Chen, Gang He, Yunhe Wang, Yang Zheng, Zhihuai Xiao
    2024.9(4): 126-146 [Abstract](137)[PDF](103)
  • Research on Iron Loss of Switched Reluctance Starter/Generator for Energy Storage
    Hao Chen, Xing Wang, Yongqiang Liu, Vuong Dang Quoc, Wenju Yan, Muhammad Saqib, Antonino Musolino, Guanjun Wang, Yong Qi, Ali Asghar Memon, Alexandros G. Paspatis
    2024.9(4): 147-159 [Abstract](112)[PDF](84)
  • Optimizing Harmonic Mitigation for Smooth Integration of Renewable Energy: A Novel Approach Using Atomic Orbital Search and Feedback Artificial Tree Control
    B. Kiruthiga, R. Karthick, I. Manju, Krishnaveni Kondreddi
    2024.9(4): 160-176 [Abstract](190)[PDF]()
  • Robust State Estimation for an Electricity-GasHeat Integrated Energy System Considering Dynamic Characteristics
    Jianshu Yu, Dechang Yang, Jinye Cao, Payman Dehghanian, Nikita Tomin
    2024.9(4): 65-80 [Abstract](3612)[PDF](1358)
  • An exergy analysis model for the optimal operation of integrated heat-and-electricity-based energy systems
    Jianrun Chen, Haoyong Chen, Senior Member,IEEE, Zipeng Liang, Xiaodong Zheng, Dongliang Xiao, Yirui Li, Huaguang Yan
    2024.9(4): 1-18 [Abstract](3445)[PDF](1218)
  • Microgrid Fault Detection Method Coordinated with a Sequence Component Current-Based Fault Control Strategy
    Zihao Wang, Longhua Mu
    2024.9(4): 81-93 [Abstract](2800)[PDF](1578)
  • Game-theoretic applications for decision-making behavior on the energy demand side: a systematic review
    Zhenya Ji, Xiaofeng Liu, Difei Tang
    2024.9(4): 1-20 [Abstract](2201)[PDF](915)