Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems (PCMP) is the first international modern power system protection and control journal originated in China. It is dedicated to present top-level academic achievements in this field and is endeavoured to supply a platform for international researchers and engineers, especially for the authors from China, to maximize the papers’ influence in the world wide and thus contribute to the development of power industry. PCMP is sponsored by Xuchang Ketop Electrical Research Institute and edited and published by Power System Protection and Control Press. It is expected to start publication in 2016. PCMP focuses on advanced views, techniques, and methodologies and experience in the filed of protection and control of modern power systems, for the sake of showing the latest technological achievements. The papers includes three categories, i.e. original research, review articles (mainly summarizing the newest research achievements in a specific field and pointing out the future development trend), and news flash (mainly reporting the latest and important discovery and progress).


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Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems
  • Power quality enhancement and engineering application with high permeability distributed photovoltaic access to low-voltage distribution networks in Australia
    Ruisheng Li, Peter Wong, Kun Wang, Bin Li, Fangfang Yuan
    2020.(3): 1-7 [Abstract](20)[PDF](23)
  • A review of cyber security risks of power systems: from static to dynamic false data attacks
    Yan Xu
    2020.(3): 8-19 [Abstract](18)[PDF](13)
  • Design of a robust PID-PSS for an uncertain power system with simplified stability conditions
    Vijaya Lakshmi A.S.V, Ramalinga Raju Manyala, Siva Kumar Mangipudi
    2020.(3): 17-35 [Abstract](33)[PDF](25)
  • Bayesian bootstrap quantile regression for probabilistic photovoltaic power forecasting
    Mokhtar Bozorg, Antonio Bracale, Pierluigi Caramia, Guido Carpinelli, Mauro Carpita, Pasquale De Falco
    2020.(3): 36-47 [Abstract](33)[PDF](16)
  • Accurate prediction of different forecast horizons wind speed using a recursive radial basis function neural network
    M. Madhiarasan
    2020.(3): 48-56 [Abstract](29)[PDF](20)
  • A novel complex current ratio-based technique for transmission line protection
    Suryanarayana Gangolu, Saumendra Sarangi
    2020.(3): 57-65 [Abstract](33)[PDF](20)
  • Optimal load frequency control through combined state and control gain estimation for noisy measurements
    Anju G. Pillai, Elizabeth Rita Samuel, A. Unnikrishnan
    2020.(3): 66-78 [Abstract](30)[PDF](17)
  • A robust composite wide area control of a DFIG wind energy system for damping inter-area oscillations
    Ayyarao S. L. V. Tummala
    2020.(3): 79-88 [Abstract](26)[PDF](25)