Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems (PCMP) is the first international modern power system protection and control journal originated in China. It is dedicated to present top-level academic achievements in this field and is endeavoured to supply a platform for international researchers and engineers, especially for the authors from China, to maximize the papers’ influence in the world wide and thus contribute to the development of power industry. PCMP is sponsored by Xuchang Ketop Electrical Research Institute and edited and published by Power System Protection and Control Press. It is expected to start publication in 2016. PCMP focuses on advanced views, techniques, and methodologies and experience in the filed of protection and control of modern power systems, for the sake of showing the latest technological achievements. The papers includes three categories, i.e. original research, review articles (mainly summarizing the newest research achievements in a specific field and pointing out the future development trend), and news flash (mainly reporting the latest and important discovery and progress).


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  • Tel: 86-374-3212254
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  • Detection of false data injection attacks on power systems using graph edge-conditioned convolutional networks
    Bairen Chen, Q. H. Wu, Mengshi Li, Kaishun Xiahou
    2023.(2): 265-276 [Abstract](376)[PDF](192)
  • Review of sub-synchronous interaction in wind integrated power systems: classification, challenges, and mitigation techniques
    Neevatika Verma, Narendra Kumar, Saket Gupta, Hasmat Malik, Fausto Pedro García Márquez
    2023.(2): 277-302 [Abstract](276)[PDF](130)
  • A multi-energy inertia-based power support strategy with gas network constraints
    Cairan Miao, Qi Wang, Yi Tang
    2023.(2): 303-320 [Abstract](209)[PDF](134)
  • Three-stage day-ahead scheduling strategy for regional thermostatically controlled load aggregators
    Dejin Fan, Shu Zhang, He Huang, Liping Zhou, Yang Wang, Xianyong Xiao
    2023.(2): 321-331 [Abstract](166)[PDF](120)
  • Voltage imbalance mitigation in an active distribution network using decentralized current control
    Ahmed M. M. Nour, Ahmed A. Helal, Magdi M. El-Saadawi, Ahmed Y. Hatata
    2023.(2): 332-348 [Abstract](175)[PDF](114)
  • Time–frequency multiresolution of fault-generated transient signals in transmission lines using a morphological filter
    Juan Carlos Quispe, John Morales, Eduardo Orduna, Carlo Liebermann, Michael Bruhns, Peter Schegner
    2023.(2): 349-362 [Abstract](172)[PDF](105)
  • Comparative framework for AC-microgrid protection schemes: challenges, solutions, real applications, and future trends
    Ahmed N. Sheta, Gabr M. Abdulsalam, Bishoy E. Sedhom, Abdelfattah A. Eladl
    2023.(2): 363-402 [Abstract](218)[PDF](100)
  • Fault identification scheme for protection and adaptive reclosing in a hybrid multi-terminal HVDC system
    Junjie Hou, Guobing Song, Yanfang Fan
    2023.(2): 403-419 [Abstract](182)[PDF](141)
  • Jointly improving energy efficiency and smoothing power oscillations of integrated offshore wind and photovoltaic power: a deep reinforcement learning approach
    Xiuxing Yin, Meizhen Lei
    2023.(2): 420-430 [Abstract](131)[PDF](73)
  • Sensing as the key to the safety and sustainability of new energy storage devices
    Zhenxiao Yi, Zhaoliang Chen, Kai Yin, Licheng Wang, Kai Wang
    2023.(2): 431-452 [Abstract](160)[PDF](76)
  • Single-ended protection method for hybrid HVDC transmission line based on transient voltage characteristic frequency band
    Hongchun Shu, Shixin Wang, Shunguang Lei
    2023.(2): 453-463 [Abstract](152)[PDF](87)
  • Graph representation learning-based residential electricity behavior identification and energy management
    Xinpei Chen, Tao Yu, Zhenning Pan, Zihao Wang, Shengchun Yang
    2023.(2): 464-476 [Abstract](132)[PDF](79)
  • Strategies for improving resilience of regional integrated energy systems in the prevention–resistance phase of integration
    Jiaqing Wu, Jie Gu, Shuqi Liu, Zhijian Jin
    2023.(2): 477-494 [Abstract](143)[PDF](121)
  • Adaptive H∞ event-triggered load frequency control in islanded microgirds with limited spinning reserve constraints
    Yajian Zhang, Chen Peng
    2023.(2): 495-507 [Abstract](88)[PDF](78)
  • Distribution network state estimation based on attention-enhanced recurrent neural network pseudo-measurement modeling
    Yaojian Wang, Jie Gu, Lyuzerui Yuan
    2023.(2): 508-523 [Abstract](78)[PDF](51)
  • Battery energy storage-based system damping controller for alleviating sub-synchronous oscillations in a DFIG-based wind power plant
    Neevatika Verma, Narendra Kumar, Rajeev Kumar
    2023.(2): 524-541 [Abstract](103)[PDF](54)
  • Two-stage distributionally robust optimization-based coordinated scheduling of integrated energy system with electricity-hydrogen hybrid energy storage
    Yibin Qiu, Qi Li, Yuxuan Ai, Weirong Chen, Mohamed Benbouzid, Shukui Liu, Fei Gao
    2023.(2): 542-555 [Abstract](75)[PDF](69)
  • Hierarchical under frequency load shedding scheme for inter-connected power systems
    Guowei Cai, Shuyu Zhou, Cheng Liu, Yuchi Zhang, Shujia Guo, Zhichong Cao
    2023.(2): 556-567 [Abstract](75)[PDF](55)
  • Transient synchronous stability analysis and enhancement control strategy of a PLL-based VSC system during asymmetric grid faults
    Yi Luo, Jun Yao, Zhaoyang Chen, Sen Huang, Shiyue Chen, Qi Zhang, Zhentao Qin
    2023.(2): 568-584 [Abstract](79)[PDF](52)
  • Analysis of low voltage ride-through capability and optimal control strategy of doubly-fed wind farms under symmetrical fault
    Botong Li, Dingchuan Zheng, Bin Li, Xinru Jiao, Qiteng Hong, Liang Ji
    2023.(2): 585-599 [Abstract](82)[PDF](62)