Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems (PCMP) is the first international modern power system protection and control journal originated in China. It is dedicated to present top-level academic achievements in this field and is endeavoured to supply a platform for international researchers and engineers, especially for the authors from China, to maximize the papers’ influence in the world wide and thus contribute to the development of power industry. PCMP is sponsored by Xuchang Ketop Electrical Research Institute and edited and published by Power System Protection and Control Press. It is expected to start publication in 2016. PCMP focuses on advanced views, techniques, and methodologies and experience in the filed of protection and control of modern power systems, for the sake of showing the latest technological achievements. The papers includes three categories, i.e. original research, review articles (mainly summarizing the newest research achievements in a specific field and pointing out the future development trend), and news flash (mainly reporting the latest and important discovery and progress).


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  • Tel: 86-374-3212254
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  • DC offset rejection in a frequency-fixed second-order generalized integrator-based phase-locked loop for single-phase grid-connected applications
    Issam A. Smadi, Bayan H. Bany Fawaz
    2022.(1): 1-13 [Abstract](379)[PDF](290)
  • A review of stabilization methods for DCMG with CPL, the role of bandwidth limits and droop control
    Sarah Ansari, Jing Zhang, Rajat Emanuel Singh
    2022.(1): 14-25 [Abstract](232)[PDF](192)
  • Grid power quality enhancement using an ANFIS optimized PI controller for DG
    Srishail K. Bilgundi, R. Sachin, H. Pradeepa, H. B. Nagesh, M. V. Likith Kumar
    2022.(1): 26-39 [Abstract](246)[PDF](247)
  • A novel control strategy based on a look-up table for optimal operation of MTDC systems in post-contingency conditions
    Seyed Mohsen Alavi, Reza Ghazi
    2022.(1): 40-50 [Abstract](224)[PDF](227)
  • Statistical machine learning model for capacitor planning considering uncertainties in photovoltaic power
    Xueqian Fu
    2022.(1): 51-63 [Abstract](406)[PDF](255)
  • Coordination of dual setting overcurrent relays in microgrid with optimally determined relay characteristics for dual operating modes
    Raghvendra Tiwari, Ravindra Kumar Singh, Niraj Kumar Choudhary
    2022.(1): 64-81 [Abstract](178)[PDF](170)
  • Coordinated control by ADRC strategy for a wind farm based on SCIG considering low voltage ride-through capability
    Hammadi Laghridat, Ahmed Essadki, Tamou Nasser
    2022.(1): 82-99 [Abstract](181)[PDF]()
  • A new protection scheme for PV-wind based DC-ring microgrid by using modified multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis
    Kanche Anjaiah, Pradipta Kishore Dash, Mrutyunjaya Sahani
    2022.(1): 100-123 [Abstract](196)[PDF]()
  • Optimal Location and Sizing of Conglomerate DG- FACTS using an Artificial Neural Network and Heuristic Probability Distribution Methodology for Modern Power System Operations
    Anwar Shahzad Siddiqui, Prashant
    2022.(1): 124-148 [Abstract](136)[PDF]()
  • Improved voltage tracking of autonomous microgrid technology using a combined resonant controller with lead-lag compensator adopting negative imaginary theorem
    Md. Yah-Ya Ul Haque, Md. Rashidul Islam, Tanvir Ahmed, Md. Rafiqul Islam Sheikh
    2022.(1): 149-164 [Abstract](164)[PDF]()
  • Frequency regularization of a linked wind–diesel system using dual structure fuzzy with ultra-capacitor
    Gulshan Sharma, K. Narayanan, T. Adefarati, Sachin Sharma
    2022.(1): 165-173 [Abstract](149)[PDF]()
  • Reliability of IEC 61850 based substation communication network architecture considering quality of repairs and common cause failures
    Vonani Clive Mathebula, Akshay Kumar Saha
    2022.(1): 174-188 [Abstract](113)[PDF]()
  • Adaptive relay co-ordination using a busbar splitting approach for a system integrity protection scheme
    Rajesh Saikrishna, Nilesh Kumar Rajalwal, Debomita Ghosh
    2022.(1): 189-200 [Abstract](121)[PDF]()
  • A hierarchical coordinated control strategy based on multi-port energy router of urban rail transit
    Richeng Chen, Yaxi Yang, Tao Jin
    2022.(1): 201-212 [Abstract](138)[PDF]()
  • A hierarchical coordinated control strategy based on multi-port energy router of urban rail transit
    Richeng Chen, Yaxi Yang, Tao Jin
    2022.(1): 201-212 [Abstract](85)[PDF](120)
  • Novel chaos game optimization tuned-fractional-order PID fractional-order PI controller for load–frequency control of interconnected power systems
    Mohamed Barakat
    2022.(1): 213-232 [Abstract](83)[PDF](102)
  • Hongyu Zhou, Jingbo Wang, Wei Yao, Shaocong Wu, Hongchun Shu and Yaxing Ren. A critical survey of technologies of large offshore wind farm integration: summary, advances, and perspectives
    Bo Yang, Bingqiang Liu, Hongyu Zhou, Jingbo Wang, Wei Yao, Shaocong Wu, Hongchun Shu, Yaxing Ren
    2022.(1): 233-264 [Abstract](131)[PDF](176)
  • Internal electrical fault detection techniques in DFIG-based wind turbines: a review
    Abdelwahab D. Bebars, Abdelfattah A. Eladl, Gabr M. Abdulsalam, Ebrahim A. Badran
    2022.(1): 265-286 [Abstract](100)[PDF](108)
  • A new five-level inverter with reduced leakage current for photovoltaic system applications
    Vahid Hosseinkhani, Mohammad Sarvi
    2022.(1): 287-299 [Abstract](134)[PDF](117)