Volume 9,Issue 2,2024 Table of Contents

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Game-theoretic applications for decision-making behavior on the energy demand side: a systematic review
  Zhenya Ji, Xiaofeng Liu, Difei Tang
  2024,9(2):1-20 [Abstract(789)]  [View PDF 1.11 M (267)]
Prediction of health level of multiform lithium sulfur batteries based on incremental capacity analysis and an improved LSTM
  Hao Zhang, Hanlei Sun, Le Kang, Yi Zhang, Licheng Wang, Kai Wang
  2024,9(2):21-31 [Abstract(429)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (212)]
Solid-State Circuit Breaker Based on Cascaded Normally-On SiC JFETs for Medium-Voltage DC Distribution Networks
  Dong He,Member, IEEE, Haohui Zhou, Zheng Lan, Member, IEEE, Wei Wang,Student Member, IEEE,, Jinhui Zeng,Member, IEEE, Xueping Y, Z. John Shen, Fellow, IEEE
  2024,9(2):32-46 [Abstract(456)]  [View PDF 1.82 M (197)]
Real-time risk-averse dispatch of an integrated electricity and natural gas system via conditional value-at-risk-based lookup-table approximate dynamic programming
  Jianquan Zhu,Member, IEEE, Guanhai Li, Ye Guo, Jiajun Chen, Haixin Liu, Yuhao Luo, Wenhao Liu
  2024,9(2):47-60 [Abstract(422)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (267)]
Single-ended time domain fault location based on transient signal measurements of transmission lines
  Jian Luo, Member, IEEE, Yao Liu, Qiushi Cui, Member, IEEE, Jiayong Zhong, Member, IEEE,, Lin Zhang
  2024,9(2):61-74 [Abstract(564)]  [View PDF 1.39 M (211)]
Critical review on improved electrochemical impedance spectroscopy-cuckoo search-Elman neural network modeling methods for whole-life-cycle health state estimation of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems
  Ran Xiong, Shunli Wang, Paul Takyi-Aninakwa, Siyu Jin, Member, IEEE, Carlos Fernandez, Qi Huang, Fellow, IEEE, Weihao Hu, Senior Member, IEEE, Wei Zhan
  2024,9(2):75-100 [Abstract(528)]  [View PDF 2.61 M (1894)]
A fault diagnosis method for power systems based on temporal tissue-like P systems
  Kequan Zhou, Tao Wang, Xiaotian Chen, Quanlin Leng
  2024,9(2):101-114 [Abstract(343)]  [View PDF 1.78 M (213)]
Game theory based optimal defensive resources allocation with incomplete information in cyber-physical power systems against false data injection attacks
  Bingjing Yan, Zhenze Jiang, Pengchao Yao, Qiang Yang, Wei Li,, Albert Y. Zomaya
  2024,9(2):115-127 [Abstract(328)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (199)]
Curvature quantified Douglas-Peucker-based phasor measurement unit data compression method for power system situational awareness
  Weitao Tan, Student Member, IEEE, Shengyuan Liu, Li Yang, Member, IEEE, and Zhenzhi Lin, Senior Member, IEEE, Tianhan Zhang, Student Member, IEEE,, Yuanqian Ma, Shengyuan Liu, Li Yang, Member, IEEE,, Zhenzhi Lin, Senior Member, IEEE
  2024,9(2):128-137 [Abstract(318)]  [View PDF 824.01 K (170)]
A distributed computing algorithm for electricity carbon emission flow and carbon emission intensity
  Xingping Wu, Wei Yang, Ning Zhang, Chunlei Zhou, Jinwei Song, Chongqing Kang
  2024,9(2):138-146 [Abstract(365)]  [View PDF 748.32 K (246)]
Momentum Search Algorithm for Analysis of Fuel Cell Vehicle-to-Grid System with Large-Scale Buildings
  Padhmanabhaiyappan Sivalingam, Madhusudanan Gurusamy
  2024,9(2):147-160 [Abstract(749)]  [View PDF 1.91 M (306)]