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Reliability and efficiency enhancement of a radial distribution system through value-based auto-recloser placement and network remodelling
  Bratati Ghosh, Ajoy Kumar Chakraborty, Arup Ratan Bhowmik
  2023(1):1-14 [Abstract(325)]  [View PDF 2.41 M (134)]
Optimal layout model of feeder automation equipment oriented to the type of fault detection and local action
  Ruizhi Chen, Xihong Li, Yanbo Chen
  2023(1):15-29 [Abstract(206)]  [View PDF 2.35 M (129)]
A systematic review of real-time detection and classification of power quality disturbances
  Joaquín E. Caicedo, Daniel Agudelo-Martínez, Edwin Rivas-Trujillo, Jan Meyer
  2023(1):30-66 [Abstract(107)]  [View PDF 2.50 M (94)]
Grounding fault location method of overhead line based on dual-axis magnetic field trajectory
  Xiaowei Wang, Huan Du, Jie Gao, Xiangxiang Wei, Zhenfeng Liang, Liang Guo, Weibo Liu
  2023(1):67-80 [Abstract(162)]  [View PDF 6.73 M (117)]
Static information, K-neighbor, and self-attention aggregated scheme: a transient stability prediction model with enhanced interpretability
  Liukai Chen, Lin Guan
  2023(1):81-96 [Abstract(113)]  [View PDF 4.65 M (84)]
Current trajectory image-based protection algorithm for transmission lines connected to MMC-HVDC stations using CA-CNN
  Yingyu Liang, Yi Ren, Jinhua Yu, Wenting Zha
  2023(1):97-111 [Abstract(122)]  [View PDF 2.56 M (99)]
A novel collapse prediction index for voltage stability analysis and contingency ranking in power systems
  Salah Mokred, Yifei Wang, Tiancong Chen
  2023(1):112-138 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 2.01 M (92)]
Robust backstepping global integral terminal sliding mode controller to enhance dynamic stability of hybrid AC/DC microgrids
  Tushar Kanti Roy, Subarto Kumar Ghosh, Sajeeb Saha
  2023(1):139-151 [Abstract(115)]  [View PDF 3.33 M (93)]
A high efficiency multi-module parallel RF inverter system for plasma induced hydrogen
  Tingting Yao, Yueshi Guan, Wei Wang
  2023(1):152-162 [Abstract(98)]  [View PDF 2.80 M (59)]
Power quality enhancement in islanded microgrids via closed-loop adaptive virtual impedance control
  Yang Wang, Junmiao Tang, Jiandong Si, Xianyong Xiao, Peter Zhou, Jinshuai Zhao
  2023(1):163-179 [Abstract(124)]  [View PDF 7.11 M (77)]
Designing of robust frequency stabilization using optimized MPC-(1+PIDN) controller for high order interconnected renewable energy based power systems
  Muhammad Majid Gulzar
  2023(1):180-193 [Abstract(106)]  [View PDF 3.87 M (74)]
Coordination control method to block cascading failure of a renewable generation power system under line dynamic security
  Jinxin Ouyang, Jianfeng Yu, Xiaoxuan Long, Yanbo Diao, Jian Wang
  2023(1):194-204 [Abstract(98)]  [View PDF 2.43 M (74)]
Novel Lyapunov-based rapid and ripple-free MPPT using a robust model reference adaptive controller for solar PV system
  Saibal Manna, Ashok Kumar Akella, Deepak Kumar Singh
  2023(1):205-229 [Abstract(93)]  [View PDF 7.85 M (74)]
Effective participation of wind turbines in frequency control of a two-area power system using coot optimization
  Mahmoud Hussain El-Bahay, Mohammed Elsayed Lotfy, Mohamed A. El-Hameed
  2023(1):230-244 [Abstract(8)]  [View PDF 3.70 M (2)]
Solar-PV inverter for the overall stability of power systems with intelligent MPPT control of DC-link capacitor voltage
  Sheetal Singh, Sanju Saini, S. K. Gupta, Rajeev Kumar
  2023(1):245-264 [Abstract(7)]  [View PDF 6.07 M (2)]